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aiiGet a good look at the world’s most amazingly crafted bikes at the 11th annual ARTISTRY IN IRON, MASTER BUILDERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP.  Discover what the leading custom bike builders are doing to make their custom designs the most outrageous. 

See and meet 20 of the hottest builders as they show off their latest build.  If you appreciate the artistry of a well-built machine, you gotta check this out.  The famous and soon to be famous will have their bikes on display at this “invitation only” show.  You’ll get to check out the bikes, chat with the builders and get autographs from your favorites.  You can even vote for your choice to receive the People's Choice Award.

Rick Bray from RKB Kustom Speed in Hanford, CA was selected by his peers as the 2013 Artistry in Iron champion and will be back in 2014 to defend his title.  

Awards will be presented on Saturday at 6:00pm in the Artistry in Iron exhibit area.

Click Here to see the current list of participating builders.

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Paul Yaffe Originals and American Bagger & Urban Bagger Magazines will host Las Vegas BikeFest’s third annual “All Bagger” competition!  That’s right…Baggers are totally getting their due!  Don’t miss your chance to claim your share of over $5,000 in cash and prizes plus a chance to have your Bagger featured in Urban Bagger and American Bagger Magazines!  Sign up for the competition when you register for your Las Vegas BikeFest Party or Ultimate Pass.

Check-in/Register for the Baddest Bagger Contest on Saturday, 10:00am-12:00pm in the Upper Parking Lot A at Cashman Center.  Bikes will be on display from 12:00pm-8:00pm. 

Winners in each category will win a trophy and other prizes.  Categories: Radical Class, Pro Class, Stock Class, and Modified Class.

Specialty Awards:

Baddest Bagger (Best of Show), Baddest American Bagger and Baddest Urban Bagger

Award Ceremony will take place at 5:00pm from the Rally Central Outdoor Stage at Cashman Center.

Sponsored by: American Bagger, Urban Bagger and Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation.

Must be registered with a Party or Ultimate Pass to enter a bike.


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bBiker Bingo will take place from the Rally Central Outdoor Stage at Cashman Center - grab a beer and join us for some crazy games of biker bingo!  Cash and prizes will be awarded.

You must be registered for Las Vegas BikeFest (Party or Ultimate Pass) to be eligible to participate.  All Party and Ultimate Pass registrants will receive one free bingo card.   


Space is limited to the first 150 people!



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Get a  FREE Bikini Bike Wash!  The first 50 Ultimate Pass registrants to bring their coupon from the registration bag to the Bikini Bike Wash area will get a free wash from some hot chicks!  Pay $25 if you don't have a coupon.

The Bikini Bike Wash is located at Rally Central in Upper Parking Lot A all weekend. 


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Do you have what it takes to compete in the Las Vegas BikeFest Bike Games?  Come test your bike handling skills in challenges designed to show control over a very slow moving bike.

Bring your own bike and a friend, because most games involve the passenger as well!

Participants will compete in five different games including:

The Weenie Bite - Which passenger can bite off the biggest chunk of a hot dog while the driver navigates them through the obstacle.  

The Ball Toss - As the driver controls the bike under a pole, the passenger must toss a ball up and over the pole, then catch it.... hopefully.

Slowest of the Slow Drag Race - How slow can you go before you put your feet down? Slowest time wins!

Board Balance - Drivers will compete for the slowest time while balancing on a board... falling off the board or putting your feet down disqualifies you!

Safety Cone Tennis Ball Mayhem - This one is a surprise!

Registration: 3:00pm-4:00pm  Bike Games: 4:00pm-5:00pm - Outdoor Activity Area in Rally Central at Cashman Center

1st place team wins $200 and 2nd place team wins $100!

Must be registered with a Party or Ultimate Pass to enter competition.

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The Las Vegas BikeFest Custom Bike Show is a display of over 100 of the coolest bikes in the country.  Lots of categories, amazing custom trophies, and outrageous designs - show off yours, or come check them out.

If you are working on one rad ride, plan on showing it off at the Las Vegas BikeFest Custom Bike Show. The winner of the Las Vegas BikeFest Custom Bike Show Radical Class will not only win a $2,000 cash prize and a one-of-a-kind custom trophy, but the builder of the bike will automatically qualify for an invitation to participate in the 2015 Artistry in Iron, Master Builders' Championship.

There will be $500 in prize money and a custom trophy for the Semi-Custom and Custom class winners. Trophies will also be given for Best Bagger, Best Metric, Best Sport Bike, Best Paint, and Best Bobber.

Definition of Classes:

Semi-Custom - Factory stock except for exhaust, handle-bars, seat, air cleaner and similar minor modifications.  No frame, front end, fuel tank or fender modifications other than paint or chrome.  Can have chrome accessories.  Production custom bikes do not qualify as Semi-Custom and must enter in Custom or Radical Class.

Custom  - Stock, modified stock or aftermarket frame that resembles stock; body modifications, metal fabrication, or significant modifications.  Includes production custom bikes.

Radical- Bikes with aftermarket or custom frame, molding, handmade parts, and extensive modifications must enter Radical class.  DON'T FORGET - $2,000 FOR FIRST PLACE!  AND BUILDER GETS INVITE TO ARTISTRY IN IRON 2015!

You must be registered with an Ultimate Pass to be eligible to enter a bike in the Custom Bike Show.

Check-in/Register for the Custom Bike Show on Friday, 9:00am - 11:00am at Cashman Center in the upper parking Lot A near the event entrance.

Awards ceremony will take place on Friday at 5:00pm at the Rally Central Tent Stage.


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ecHave you always wanted to meet the editor of your favorite motorcycle magazine?  Have you ever wondered how to get your bike featured in their magazine?  Now is your chance!  Editors from many of the top custom bike magazines will be on hand to pick their winners at Las Vegas BikeFest.  They will be picking their favorite ride during the Editor's Choice Awards at the Custom Bike Show.

Awards will be presented on Friday at 5:00pm from the Rally Central Outdoor Stage.

For more information about entering a bike in the Custom Bike Show, click here. You must be registered wtih a Las Vegas BikeFest Ultimate Pass to enter a bike in the show.

Not entering a bike in the Custom Bike Show?  That's OK, you can still come out and meet the editors of your favorite publicatiion.


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hogHow much hog can you eat in 2 minutes?

The 7th Annual Harley-Davidson Cafe Hog Out Competition will take place during Las Vegas BikeFest on Friday, 2:00pm-3:00pm at Rally Central at Cashman Center.

There will be 4 heats. The winners of each of these heats will move on to the finals to take place on Saturday at 5:30pm at Rally Central.

In the heat you'll have 2 minutes to eat as many hog sandwiches as you can. The number of contestants will be limited so you'll want to be at Rally Central (middle of the road in front of the building) at 1:30pm to sign up.

There will be prizes for the top three in the Saturday finals.

Know you can't each a bunch of sandwiches without filling a bucket, than just come watch the contestants stuff their faces. It's sure to be a mess you don't want to miss. Even if you don't compete, or don't make it into the finals, stop by the restaurant, located on the Las Vegas strip during the weekend for some great food and good times.

Sponsored by:Harley Davidson Cafe Las Vegas Logo




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jd1Jack Daniels will bring a "Taste of Tennessee" as an official sponsor of the 2014 Las Vegas BikeFest. 

The Jack Daniels Experience, a mobile museum, is bringing a little of the much-loved distillery from Lynchburg to Las Vegas.  You'll learn who Mr. Jack Daniel was and how he ended up with the best selling whiskey in the world.  You'll see (and smell) whiskey dripping slowly through charcoal and the new oak barrels used in maturing Tennessee's finest whiskey.

The Experience is open to everyone, 21 years old and up, for tours throughout the rally.  Tours are included with your Rally Central admission and Las Vegas BikeFest registration.

Your friends at Jack Daniel's and Las Vegas BikeFest remind you to drink responsibly.

jd  jdl


Ready for a new Ride?

Victory and Indian Motorcycles will be bringing their latest and greatest models for you to test ride.  Visit these manufacturers at Rally Central at Cashman Center.

Be sure to bring your helmet and motorcycle license and wait until after you ride to enjoy your beers!

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mlIt's all about eye candy. Hot gals modeling sexy biker wear and bedroom attire and all looking for a spotlight.

Winner takes home $1,000; runner-up wins $500; and we have $250 for third place.  Non-winning competitors will also receive $25 cash just for entering!

All competitors  must be registered for Las Vegas BikeFest (either registration pass).

Competition categories: Best Biker Wear; Best Bedroom Babe; and Best Pose.

Sign up for the competition from 1:00pm-2:00pm on Saturday at the Rally Central Outdoor Stage.  Competition will take place 2:00pm-3:00pm at the stage.

There will be a limit on the number of competitors, so make sure you sign up right at 1:00pm to ensure your spot!

Sponsored by:


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mrStart working out, reduce the number of beers, practice your posing, and pick out your best biker duds because there is serious money to win. The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize and the runner-up receives $250. Non-winning competitors will also receive $25 cash just for entering!  Now isn't that worth a few extra sit-ups. 

Ladies, don't miss this competition. One lucky Las Vegas BikeFest registrant will be selected to judge the competition. Pick up a raffle ticket at the Mr. Las Vegas BikeFest competition area and see if your number is picked!

Contestant sign up will take place from 2:30pm-3:30pm on Saturday at the Rally Central Outdoor Stage. The number of entries is limited. All competitors and anyone that wants to attend must be registered for Las Vegas BikeFest (either registration pass).

Competition will take place 3:30pm-4:30pm on the Rally Central Outdoor Stage.

Competition categories: Best Biker Wear, Best Seat in the Saddle, and Best Without a Shirt.

There will be a limit on the number of competitors, so be sure to sign up right at 2:30pm to ensure your spot!

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rcJoin Rick and Corey Harrison on Sunday, October 5, as they lead the Inaugural Pawn Stars Poker Run to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Nevada.  Starting at 8:30am at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the ride will take you through Las Vegas followed by awesome music and festivities at Hogs & Heifers Saloon.

The Grand Prize for the Highest Hand is a 2014 Triumph Motorcycle with lots of other prizes and raffle items to be given away.  Click here for more information and to register ($30 for riders and $15 for passengers) for the Pawn Stars Poker Run.

Rick and Corey will also appear at the Epilepsy Foundation booth at Las Vegas BikeFest Rally Central at Cashman Center.  Dates and times to be announced.


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Friday Poker Run ImageJoin us for a scenic Las Vegas ride with a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize if you have the best hand. We'll even give a cash prize of $250 to the worst hand. You'll finish the run at Rally Central and enjoy a beer on us.

Be sure to pick up your Las Vegas BikeFest wristband at the event registration at the Golden Nugget Hotel prior to coming to the Poker Run check-in.

The Poker Run is open only to Ultimate Pass registrants.

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prTry your hand at winning the big money and get a great ride while you’re at it.  Winner of the best hand will take home the top prize of $5,000. Second place will take home $1,500; third, fourth, fifth, and sixth place will each take home $500. We will even give $250 to the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth place hands.  And don’t forget the biggest loser – there will be a cash prize of $500 for the worst hand.

Be sure to pick up your Las Vegas BikeFest wristband at the event registration at the Golden Nugget Hotel prior to coming to the Poker Run check-in.

This Poker Run is open only to Ultimate Pass registrants.


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poker     Have a Great Time and..... Pick up some extra cash
$$$$$$ for the weekend!!!!

     Las Vegas BikeFest Poker Tournament
     Friday, October 3    
     5:00pm Start Time (registration opens at 3:00pm)
     Golden Nugget - The Grand Ballroom

     Cost: $50* Buy-In: 2500 chips; One Time Optional Re-

     Buy in first hour of play: $20 for 2500 more chips

          *Portion of money raised goes to Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

* Management reserves the right to change or cancel the tournament at their discretion.

Sponsored by: gn

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Enjoy a stroll through Rally Central at Cashman Center with stops at our sponsoring vendor booths.  Best hand will take home $300 in cash and the worst hand will get $100 in cash.  You must be in line at the starting location by 3:00pm to get your first card and by 5:00pm at the end in the Cashman Center Theater Lobby for your last card.

The Thursday Poker Walk is open to both Party Pass and Ultimate Pass registrants.

Sponsored By:

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A crowd favorite each year, the Poker Walk will take you on a stroll around Fremont Street. You must be in line to pick up your first card by 11:00am at the first stop. After 11:00am no additional walkers will be allowed. Spend the rest of your stroll trying to get over the Thursday night hangover and hope that you end up at the D Las Vegas with the best hand. You must be in line at the D Las Vegas at the 2nd Floor Bar for your last card by 1:00pm.

Best Hand wins $500 and the walker with the worst hand isn't a total loser because that individual gets $100.

You must be registered for the Ultimate Pass to be eligible to participate in the Friday Poker Walk.

Sponsored by:The D


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Non-stop food, beer, entertainment, competitions, displays, plus over 200 vendors with all kinds of cool stuff to buy – it’s all at Rally Central at Cashman Center.

Admission is free with registration.  Admission is $15 per day for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Thursday is 2 for 1 locals day with valid Clark County ID.  Sunday admission is $5.  Children 12 and under are free.  Friday admission and Saturday admission include the headline entertainment for that night.

There is plenty of FREE bike parking located at the Rally Central at Cashman Center.


Thursday.......................................................................... 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Friday............................................................................... 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday....................................................................... ...10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sunday............................................................................. 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Go to the Vendor Information page to see a complete list of all the companies that have signed up to date.

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Registration Photo

Event Registration is located at the Golden Nugget in the Grand Ballroom on the casino floor level of the Rush Tower.  Please be sure to bring your confirmation email with you along with your picture ID.

Sponsored by:
Golden Nugget Logo


Registration Button

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Be sure to arrive in Las Vegas in time to attend the Rev it Up Kick Off Party and the start of our 14th Annual Event Thursday night from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Rally Central.  There will be live music, free beer (or soda) compliments of Budweiser and snacks compliments of Harley-Davidson Cafe for all Las Vegas BikeFest registrants.

Don't miss rally favorite Jasmine Cain as she rocks the stage at the KIck Off Party.

What a great way to start a fun filled weekend with free live music, food and beer!

Food and Drinks Sponsored by:

budHarley Davidson Cafe Las Vegas Logo

Jasmine Cain Sponsored by:

s i


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prThe 3rd Annual Run to BikeFest Poker Run will start from both California and Arizona locations and end at Rally Central at Cashman Center (with a quick stop at the Golden Nugget to pick up your registration package first).

Kick start your weekend with a chance to win $1,000 for Best Hand and $500 for Worst Hand

The starting locations will be announced soon.

Cost is $25 if already registered for Las Vegas BikeFest with a Party or Ultimate Pass and $50 for Run to BikeFest ONLY.  Additional hands are $15 each

  • Registration price includes commemorative Run to BikeFest Ride Pin and 4" X 6" photo at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

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Shuttle to Vendor Village PhotoShuttles will run from the Golden Nugget Hotel at the Carson Street entrance to Rally Central at Cashman Center.  Shuttle is free to all Las Vegas BikeFest registrants and vendors.  If you are not registered for Las Vegas BikeFest, shuttle fee is $5.00 round trip when you board at the Golden Nugget.

Shuttles will run Thursday through Sunday from 30 minutes prior to Rally Central opens until 30 minutes after Rally Central closes.

Sponsored by:

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scThe Sin City Art Gallery will feature an art collection of motorcycle artists who will be on site at the Event painting live.  Don't miss the opportunity to see some amazing masterpieces.  These artists have taken their creativity to the next level.  The follow artists appeared at the 2013 Event: Darren McKeag, Chris "Supertramp" Callen, Kayla Koeune, Seth Leibowitz, and George the Painter.

The Sin City Art Gallery is located inside the hall at Rally Central, next to the Artistry in Iron exhibit and will be open all Rally Central hours.

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Slot tournamentLas Vegas BikeFest Slot Tournament
Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm
Golden Nugget Casino
$2,500 in total prize money
1st place - $1,000

Check in with Golden Nugget Slot Tournament staff
any time between 9:00am and 2:00pm to participate.

First entry is free for Las Vegas BikeFest registrants; $25 if not registered
$20 re-buy for anyone
Winners will be posted at 2:00pm

Sponsored by:  gn

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SATURDAY, 12:00PM - 6:00PM


Priority access to autographs and photos will be given to those registered with a VIP ULTIMATE PASS REGISTRATION.  For more information about registration and the VIP Package, click here.

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ttCome show off your ink and win some cash!  Compete in the categories of Best Black/Grey Single; Best Black/Grey Multiple; Best Color Single; Best Color Multiple.  $150 in cash and prizes will be given to the winner in each category.

Competition will take place on Saturday, October 4 from 3:00pm-4:00pm at the outside stage.  Register at the stage between 2:00pm-3:00pm. 

Anyone can watch the competition but if you want to compete you must be registered for Las Vegas BikeFest (either of the registration passes).

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wtIt's HOT and it's WET.  That's right, it's the Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Wet T-Shirt Contest is back!  Do you have what it takes to win?  If so, register at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson and take home your share of the cash prizes.  Everyone's welcome to join the fun!

Join us at the brand new Las Vegas Harley-Davidson store on Las Vegas Blvd. across the street from the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.

Prize package: $500 for the winner and $250 for second place.

Sponsored by:lv

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wsbHow strong are you? This is not a competition for wimpy guys that drink too much and think they are strong. If you have the courage and the strength, you have got to sign up for a chance to win $300 in cash. It's such a tough competition that we give $200 to the runner-up.  First place also wins a brand new set of pipes from Freedom Performance.

Competition Categories:

 • Cross Fit Challenge 
 • Keg Carry
 • Stamina Lift

Check-in/Register for the competition on Friday between 10:00am-11:00am in the Rally Central Outside Activity Area near the stage. The competition will take place 11:00am-12:00pm.

Anyone can watch but if you want to compete you must be registered for Las Vegas BikeFest (either of the registration passes).

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